Orange County Weigh Stations

April 2020
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Orange County Public Scales

Find a weigh station in Orange County for your Dept of Motor Vehicles or Military weight certificate.

Many public scales are located thru-out California, use search term such as:  “Scale Station” or “Weight Certificate in OC”  in order to locate a public weightmaster station near your area.

Orange County and Los Angeles Truck Scale Weight Stations

Are you looking for a public scales truck station in the Orange County or Los Angeles Area?  Sometime people need a weighmaster station for a weight certificate, either for DMV registrations purposes or a DITY PPT Military move. We’ve create this blog to help people find a near-by weight scale station for the right type of certificate they need. Basically all you need to find is an approved weigh master stations who offers the type of valid gross or tare weight of your vehicle. Some misconceptions people have is that any scale can offer this service such as junk yards or recycling centers. It’s not quite that easy. Even though a station claims their weight ticket will be valid, many times it’s not accepted by the receiving party, partially due to the specific language that weigh master certificate needs to entail and how its filled out. Here is a local public scales stations in Los Angeles who works directly with the DMV and Personally procured transportation DITY PPT move programs. We’ve listed that stations address and phone number here for you.

Certified Scales
5244 W. Jefferson
Los Angeles CA, 90016
(310) 432-3980 / (310) 862-8923
Mon. through Sat 9am-4pm No Appointment Needed 

Google Maps Link –

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4 reviews on Orange County and Los Angeles Truck Scale Weigh Stations

  • I used this Los Angeles scale station last week. Alex2987

    Took my car here to get weighed and it was so easy and quick, the whole time I was thinking “Man this is easy. . .I CAN DO THIS” So if you guys are hiring, let me know!‎ lol, Easy to find and nice people at this Los Angeles Weighmaster station.

  • Recommended Paul07smithson

    I had to get mine weighed and a friend recommended this place. They were so quick and it was great service, I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good station.

  • Customer Service Jeff Cormier

    I found that the customer service here was better than most places. The guy that helped me was actually really good & had a great attitude, which can be hard to come by.

  • Required for a small pick-up truck? Allen M

    Why did I need to get a Weight Certificate from my small pick-up truck? Waited 2 hours are the DMV only for them to tell me I needed to get a Weigh Cert. Huge hassle. I found a scale station in 90016.


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